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Here I am

I haven’t disappeared or anything just been busy subbing. I seem to have a full time job but wasn’t looking for one. I did have 2 days off this week and they were much needed. I had 1st grade 2 days this week and I needed that break before going back Friday for the High School. I sent 3 people to the office and took one cell phone this week.Last night my dd started complaining that her head hurt. I went over to her and could feel heat coming from her body. My baby’s running 102 fever. Tonight my ds started to run fever. I also feel like crap. I just hope dh doesn’t get anything b/c I will kill him if he says, “I am so much sicker than any of you where”. Why can’t men handle being sick? And why are they always sicker? Oh and why doesn’t a mother tell a girl this info? So anyway it looks as though the dr. will make a killing off us Monday if nobody’s better. I normally don’t run to the dr. unless things are bad or going around the school. Well things are going around the school. 2 different schools (1 close by) have closed from having so many kids out. Hello flu season.

On a good note dh is back working from Arkansas. Not that we have seen much of him. Business has picked up so he’s gone. He was home from 3 pm to 2 am yesterday.

My grandmother hasn’t changed. She’s still sleeping lots and not talking. Ok I must go sleep.

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Well I made it through a week of subbing. Yesterday in the lunchroom wasn’t as bad as I thought it could/would be. The ladies in there are so cool to work with. I would sub in there again but I would have to work out the time. Today I subbed study hall for 4 periods then 2 Science classes. Monday and Tuesday I have 1st grade. After that I hope to have a little break. I did learn that the High School and Elem are fighting over me. What a better way to start the day. It’s wonderful they think of fighting over me. 🙂

One of my best friends turned 30 today. Her dh put out 19 signs along the highway I live on so she would see them on her way to work. He also pulled off a surprise party for her. We didn’t jump out at her or anything but she had no idea he planned it. He even went as far as shopping for all things saying 30. I am so amazed a man could/would do all that. I am wondering if my dh got any ideas from this seeing that I turn 30 this year. I am all about birthdays but he’s not so we shall see.

Speaking of dh’s mine has to go work out of Louisiana again for who knows how long. He is leaving Sunday. He was gone a while in 2005. I hope things go better this time around. Last time I let it get to me. Maybe between working and here I can keep my mind busy enough. I really should go. My mom has the kids for the night and I get to sleep in. 🙂 If I don’t get iced in I am going to the nursing home before the kids come home. I will update on my grandmother after that.

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can’t wait..

It looks like we are going to have another wonderful weekend. They are now calling for a winter mix (better known as sleet/freezing rain). The kids can’t go out and play in sleet. This crap is only good for making the lights go out. And when the lights go out they stay out for days. Can’t you just hear the excitement pouring out?! I WANT SNOW is that too much to ask? My dd hasn’t seen snow. The last time we got a good snow was when ds was 3.

Today went so much better. I work again tomorrow. Not so sure about it either. They asked me to sub in the lunchroom. I always feel like I am put on the spot and don’t want to say no and get put at the bottom of the sub list so I said yes. Of course I have to be there an hour before school starts. I will have to wake the kids earlier and dress dd and fix her hair before I leave b/c dh doesn’t have a clue. He is going to take them to school. I most likely will only do this once b/c that’s a hassle. Oh and I don’t like cooking.

Went and checked in on my grandmother today. She didn’t wake up for me. No pain or suffering is all I ask.

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I got called to sub this morning. I had History for 10th, 11th and 12th grades. I still haven’t figured out why one class had 10 students and then the next has 25?! And I am talking 25 10th graders who thought they would test me. They just had to learn the hard way that I am not one of those push over subs. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind you talking quietly after everyone’s finished with the work, but for you to be heard down to the office is NOT going to fly with me. We shall see what effect I had today b/c I was asked to come back in the morning for the same classes. Also remind me to not drink lots of tea in the morning b/c my first break isn’t till lunch at 12:15. Not good on my mommy bladder lol.  🙂

Ds has been blessed with his momma’s migraines. He has one right now. L Got to finish some things and get dd to bed.

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Sorry I went MIA. Nothing new going on with my grandmother. Still just sleeping most of the time now. Doesn’t know who we are. L Still asking for no pain or suffering.

Friday before all the lovely rain started the Beagle decided to run off when I let him out to pee before the kids and I went to bed. It was 10:45 when he took off we (my kids, a friend and me) finally found him at 12:40 AM!!! The cops got called on us b/c we were on four wheelers looking for him and someone thought we might be up to no good. I mean we will riding some trails with KIDS calling for Blue.. what would you think we were doing? Ok some of you don’t answer that. ;P

The weather has been very yucky this weekend. Helen I don’t know how you live with the rain. It started raining Friday night and it finally stopped this afternoon. My dryer vent is on the ground and it has stayed full of rain all weekend. Dh has had to take a towel out there and dry it out many times. Of course the kids have been stuck on the house with me. And dh was stuck sitting in a hotel, which he complained about and I would have traded him this weekend. Just think alone in a hotel room from late Friday night till early Sunday morning.. sounds like heaven to me. J I am so glad the kids go back to school tomorrow. Gotta run CSI is coming on.

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She’s still sleeping a lot. I can’t get her up when I go in. 😦 She’s getting thinner. She is cleaner than she has been since going in the home b/c hospise is now taking care of her. I am asking for no pain or suffering please. Thanks again for the thoughts.

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Went to visit her today. I couldn’t wake her. They couldn’t wake her either. I was told she’s getting weaker and more confused. I also got a call from the nursing home yesterday afternoon saying they couldn’t wake her but after trying longer they did get her up. Talk about my heart skipping a beat when the caller ID said Davis Life Center.

Once again I want to say thanks for the prayers, hugs, thoughts and I ask that you keep asking for no pain or suffering.

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