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only males

You know stuff like this only happens my life. Dh and a friend of his went fishing yesterday. Where they went it was very muddy. So they are carrying their fishing poles and stuff when dh slips and falls. On his way down he twists his ankle and then lands with a stick going into his ear. Yes I said a stick went INTO his ear. His only complaint is he can’t hear out of the ear. I MADE him go to the dr. today and what do you know the stick busted his eardrum. He said he told the dr. if he holds his nose and blows he could hear air coming out of his ear. Well the dr. informs him that it’s not air his hearing it’s BLOOD and that he would suggest not doing that. Oh his ankle is sprained too. The best part of the trip is they didn’t catch any fish.

And to put the cherry on top. When I went to get the kids from school I learn ds ran into a pole at last recess and has a hell of a knot on his head. A few years ago he was chasing a girl and ran into a pole at school which caused him a nice little concussion. He has a lovely headache this time.

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3 AM…

is what time the Beagle got home. I guess he thinks he can just leave at midnight and get home at 3 am. So I finally got to sleep about 3:15 am only to get woke up by the phone at 6:19. They needed a sub in High School so I said I would come but boy I was so thankful when I was called back and told the hubby was going to stay home with the sick child and I wasn’t needed. I would have been one cranky sub today. I am working tomorrow for the Art Teacher. I have done Art before and I had fun b/c each period is different kids. Well I need to get to bed. Till tomorrow..

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Getting early practice..

for when my kids are teenagers. I am sitting here waiting/hoping the stupid Beagle comes home. Why is it that whenever my dh is not home HIS dog Blue makes a run for it? I went to let him out for the last time before I went to bed and off he ran. I am NOT riding around looking for him tonight. Either he comes home or he doesn’t. I will NOT wake my kids nor will I leave them alone for a dog. I am hoping maybe he’s smart enough to come home. What sucks is I will not be able to sleep till the stupid dog is back home. Wish me luck b/c dh will be heartbroken.

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what is normal?

I think things are finally back to normal. Ok as normal as things can be around here. Nobodies sick. Everything in the house is working.

Dd lost her 2nd tooth last night. I swear she’s going to be a hell of an actress. She is such a DRAMA queen. The tooth was hanging out of her mouth and she was whining that is hurt soooo bbbbaaaadddd. I finally went in and got a washcloth and told her I was just going to wiggle it but being the mean mommy I pulled that sucker out. She cried for 15 minutes saying it HURT. Ok this is the same dd that pulled a tooth out using the hook on a toy. And mind you the tooth had only been loose for a day or two. Did I mention she never cried after doing all that?!

I was able to go visit with my grandmother today. She was up in her wheelchair. She can’t talk but she did watch dd play. She fell asleep a lot tho. It truly sucks watching her slip away and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

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Happy V-day!!

First things first. MY washer is fixed! I am playing catch up with my laundry as I type.

Next dh and I went and got a new living room set today. I am so excited and can’t wait for it to get here next Thursday. We are giving the in laws our old furniture.

Today was dd first V-day party. She was such fun to watch as she opened her cards from her classmates. One little boy in her class gave bracelets to all the girls and she hasn’t taken it off since she opened it. Ds just didn’t get excited about stuff like that. Maybe it’s a girl thing. I sent both of them candy with a balloon to school. I remember getting stuff like that for V-day and my B-day. Well I need to run and finish laundry so I can get to bed.

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hello out there

I finally got both kids back in school last Friday. It really shouldn’t be called a schoolhouse right now tho b/c it’s more like the sick house. I did survive a week down there. If I see a 3rd grader tho I will scream. 😉 Oh before I forget I gave out my 1st d-hall. I have sent kids to the office for them to deal with but Friday after saying the same thing over and over I finally wrote one myself. Mean aren’t I?!

Maybe that’s way I have a UTI now. I started feeling really bad Friday night and by Saturday I was seeing blood. I got up this morning and called my doc. Before I could get out the door the school called saying ds wasn’t feeling well. He has thrown up a few times and has slept a lot.

I have been getting updates from Hospice about my grandmother. Maybe one of these days my family will be well enough for me to go see her in person. Things are still the same with her.

My washer is leaking so my clothes are screaming at me but there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know how long I can go without it. I will be a nervous wreak before it’s fixed. Well it’s getting late.

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Oh dear..

he has the FLU!!! High fever : check,  headache : check, body hurts : check, dh NOT getting it : priceless!!!

Meanwhile I am subbing at the house of sickness. Really can people not see that their kid is sick?! There were over 20 out and I don’t know how many were sent home today. I have to go back to hell tomorrow.

Anyway my head is hurting but hoping I am not coming down with something else.  I hope it’s just from dealing with 3rd graders all daythen being at the drs. for over an hour.

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Not another one..

yep got another kid sick. Ds has something that’s causing fever. He’s going to the dr. tomorrow. I am sick of sickness already!

Thankfully dh was home this morning b/c I got called to sub before finding the sick kid. It couldn’t have worked out better.. dh was leaving as dd and I were pulling into the driveway.

Today was class picture day. It was also Kindergarten cap and gown picture day. Can you believe 2 moms brought their sick kids up there for that!! I mean come on one little girl was throwing up and then her mom used my dd’s coat to wrap her kid up?!?! What do people really think??

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Happy Birthday Mamaw!

Today my grandmother turned 81. I feel so bad that I couldn’t see her today. I will be so happy when I feel better so I can go spend some time with her. This was the first birthday I haven’t talked to or seen her. It’s been a few years since she remembered mine but I know she can’t help what’s happening to her mind. It sucks that life can be so cruel.

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Still around..

I know I keep saying this but sorry I went MIA again. I told you my dd was running fever last week while turns out she had Strep throat. She was able to go back to school Wednesday. She stopped running fever Tuesday morning. She is now snotty. L

I worked Wednesday for the High School. Then Thursday I woke up feeling yuck. By Friday I felt like I had been run over. I am thankful my mom stopped and picked the kids up for the night. As soon as they left I took some meds and hit the bed. I still feel yucky but nothing like yesterday.

We are going to a Super Bowl thing tomorrow so I hope I am feeling better. Both my kids are selling cookie dough for school and I am taking it with my tomorrow. I lost 4 days of selling b/c of sickness. Yes if you were wondering I am a great cookie seller but I sucked selling Avon. I guess people don’t mind buying cookies or things for kids.

I have had to keep in touch with my grandmother through Hospice. She’s doing the same sleeping a lot and talking a little. I am waiting to be 100% before I go see her. No pain or suffering.

I must go now. Laundry’s calling and so is my bed.

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