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Raining cats and dogs

Looks like it’s going to be one of those long lazy days. I woke up to a storm this morning. I LOVE being able to sleep when it’s raining. Another thing to love about the rain at this time of the year is it is washing away all the pollen. The only down side to rain is the kids are trapped in the house. Right now they are having alone time in their rooms.

The kids are looking forward to the Kids Choice Awards on Nick tonight. We are going to watch them together. I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

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Today dh and I took the kids fishing. We took fil’s boat and had a great time. I caught 2 and let 2 get away, dh caught 2 and let a few get away and ds caught 1, dd played with her booby hole and the minnows. Ok now about the booby hole.. my step dad, dd, ds and I went to Wal-Mart to get her a fishing pole and she picked out the Barbie one. Walking through the store with it she starts singing about her “booby hole” lol my step dad and I about died. Of course this was right after she turned 3 and she called Barbie “Booby” which isn’t that off if you really look at Barbie. She doesn’t call it that anymore but it’s too cute for me not to use the saying.

Speaking of boobies I think I forget to tell you about her Birthday cake. This lady I use makes the best cakes. You can take her a picture of anything and she can make a cake in the shape. Last year we did Kim Possible this year she wanted a Bratz. Well on the way home from picking up the cake we had to stop and grab the balloons. I know the lady at the balloon store so she comes out and looks at the cake. She comments how good it looks and dd says, “she (the Bratz) has some big boobies too”!!! Honestly I hadn’t looked at that part but dd sure had lol.

So I should get out of here. Dd has thrown up twice since getting home and I am not sure how much I will sleep tonight.

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I am not sure what or where to start after the news I posted yesterday. I don’t know when anything is happening but I am waiting to find out so I can do something. But what can I do? I have subbed many times for the 6th grader but the mother I have really only seen in the hallways and said “hello” too. I know there is really nothing I can do to make the pain go away but I can’t not do anything. If anyone has any words please do share with me.

I know a few people who have been through this. My aunt lost her oldest son on my dd’s 1st birthday; he was 19 y/o and died from a car accident. A little over 2 years later her other son died from an accidentally overdose. With her I just went to her and listened or hugged her when she needed it. 3 of my Internet friends have lost children. As a group we sent teddy bears with the babies names, another we give a bench in his memory, and we listened when they needed that.

This has made me step back and remember we aren’t promised tomorrow. I have tried so hard today to not raise my voice at my kids or loose my patience b/c you never know. I just hope they know how hard I try to be a better mother to them. As I look back over the years and see all the mistakes that I made with them my heart aches. I hope they can be much more open with me than I could be with my grandma. I also hope I can remember what it’s like to be their age and then hope they make smarter choices than I did.

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So Very Sad.

An Arkansas family is grieving after a drowning just outside Monticello. It’s the result of an unlikely A-T-V accident at the Monticello Speedway. Last night, two year-old Faith Reed died after the four-wheeler she was seated on suddenly accelerated throwing the toddler into a 12-foot deep water reservoir. The child and her mother, Elizabeth Reed of Rison, were passengers on the ATV. The girl’s brother was driving the vehicle, but had apparently gotten off before the accident occurred. Nearly 30 people at the raceway tried to pull baby Faith from the reservoir. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

I am in such shock. Elizabeth is a the Special Ed. teacher for the High School and the brother is a 6th grader were I sub and my kids go to school.

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OMG DSL ROCKS!! I can’t believe I can finally check out sites I wouldn’t try with dial up. On dial up I would type the site in and go take a shower then maybe when I got out the page would have loaded.. ok lol it wasn’t that bad but close. 😉 I don’t even get to blink after typing in the site with dsl.

I went to bed with a lovely headache last night and woke up with it too. So after taking the kids to school I came home took some meds and layed down b/c I thought the phone man wasn’t coming till this afternoon. Wrong he came at 9:30 and I was fast asleep. No time to brush my teeth or shower. The look on his face was priceless tho. 🙂

Spring Break is now an hour and a half a way!! I can’t wait to have a week off. The kids are so ready for a break. The weather is so pretty and going to be all next week.. lovely 80’s. We are going to meet some friends at a park next week and play till they can’t go any more. Ok I am off to play on the web.

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it happened..

I finally subbed for one of my kids Wednesday. It was only an hour but still I was nervous. When I walked in his friends started saying “oh man I am glad I’m not you”. You would thought I had a pointy hat on with a big wart on my nose. Anyway seeing that I went to 5th grade at 2:00 I asked the teacher if they could have extra recess and she said that was fine with her. So I made them sweat for about 10 minutes before telling them to get their books ready to leave so we could go outside till time to go home. You should have heard all those “I’m so glad I’m not you” kids say “your moms the coolest”. On the way to school this morning my son says mom if they call you to sub 5th grade again please say yes. But you can bet next time I won’t leave my broom at home. 😉

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Friday March 23, 2007 will be a great day for my computer and me. It’s finally happening.. we are getting DSL! Out here in the country we have been living on dial up and I HATE dial up with a passion. It’s so s l o w and everything takes days to load. Now I will have to work on dh to get a new computer. The one we have we got back in 98 but I can’t complain b/c we haven’t had problems out of it.

I had to order dd’s cap and gown Friday. I can’t believe it’s getting close to the end of the school year. They are out for Spring Break the last week of this month and we are all looking forward to it. We aren’t really doing anything but that sounds like Heaven to me right now. Ok I need to run. It’s strip the beds day so the sheets are waiting for me.

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