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I am here just busy with working and end of the year stuff for the kids.

Last Monday I got called to work for Kindergarten for the morning and 1st grade that afternoon. It was the other class not dd’s.

Tuesday I was in Kindergarten again for the afternoon. Same class.

Wednesday I was in hell, 6th grade hell that is. They were worse than ever! It might have gone better had the teacher left a freakin lesson plan. I was not a happy camper about that.

Thursday I was in dd’s class. The week was great besides Wednesday.

Friday the Kindergarten went on a field trip. We went bowling, to McDonald’s and then to the park. The weather was beautiful. The kids had a blast.

Then Friday afternoon dh went to work. My bff’s dh went to the Nascar races. So her and the girls stayed with us the whole weekend. Saturday we all went to my mom’s for the yearly crawfish party. We came home and washed the very dirty kids and watched Night at the Museum. Great movie.

Today another bff had her baby. She’s the one who had 2 miscarriages. She was born this morning at 8:05 weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20 inches long. She is such a pretty baby. Her big brother was very proud of her too.

Tomorrow I am working for Kindergarten again. The other class. The teacher is getting ready to have back surgery the day after Kindergarten graduation.

We have had some other stuff going on with ds too. I know you have heard me bitching about the coach and bunting. Well the straw that back the camel’s back happened last week. Ds was benched for over 4 innings last Tuesday. He was put in with 2 innings to go and only batted once. Ok fine whatever. Dh asked the “manager” about it and he said it wouldn’t happen that way again. So Thursday ds has 2 games back to back. We get there and ds starts the game on the bench. So dh and I sat there waiting to see how long it would happen. After the 3rd inning started we got ds and left the field. The team has 10 players so only one has to sit the bench. We get that but why is it the same kid sitting the bench? I am not saying my kid can’t sit on the bench, BUT I am asking you to be fair to each boy on the team. Not one of the boys is better than the other. Ds hasn’t missed a practice or a game so why the hell are the kids that have missed practices starting the game and not sitting the bench some. Dh has talked to the “manager” but didn’t get any answers as to why one kid is sitting the bench. So we decided to take the year off and see what ds wants to do next year. He will NOT play for this coach ever again. Mind you this is the coach he’s played for the last 4 years. Sometimes being a parent sucks!!

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I got called to sub Kindergarten today. I was with them half the day then I moved to 1st grade the rest of the day. All in all it was a good day. I did about choke to death outside after recess tho. I decided to let the 1st graders stay out a little longer b/c the weathers just to nice to be in a classroom. The girls were playing on the merry go round and talking. I could hear them saying that when they got older they hoped for big boobs. Then one girl says and then you get hair down there! 1st grade people! Where in the hell do they learn this so early? I want my little girl to stay little for as long as she can. I don’t want her knowing about hair down there next year. *Sigh* why can’t we just let them be little? They grow up fast enough without our help.

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It’s been a beautiful weekend. I decided to mow the yard yesterday. We live on 3 acres so it takes about 3 hours to mow. Since the weather was warm and it was sunny I decided to mow in a tank and shorts. Well you can just call me Elmo lol b/c that’s the color my arms and legs are. I did wear a hat and sunglasses so my face is normal. I will tell you we have the best looking yard if I do say so. 😉

Ds has a project due Thursday and nothing’s been done to it. I don’t mind helping him with stuff but I am not looking forward to writing a speech. He has to stand in front of the class and give a speech without having notes. The poster that goes with it will be a piece of cake. The whole project makes me want to SCREAM!!

We will be eating baseball this week. Mon. is practice, Tues. they have a game, Thurs. they have a game, Fri. is practice and Sat. they have 2 games.

Dd has a sinus infection and she seems to finally feel better. Poor thing hasn’t felt like herself the last week. She played her little heart out today.

I can’t believe she graduates from kindergarten one month from today. It doesn’t seem possible. Ds will be a 6th grader and then he’s off to jr. high. I also turn 30 this year. Time sure flies once you become the parent. Well the dryers calling.

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Fast Cars and Freedom..

is a song by Rascal Flatts. My hubby says it reminds him of us. It seemed fitting for this post.

About a week ago my friend Helen posted about your top 10 High School Memories. Here are mine..

1. My first French kiss, I was in the 7th grade. I thought I was so grown.

2. A place called Teens N Dreams opening and me hanging out there most Fridays. Oh to be 13 again.

3. Skipping school the first time. It was the last day of school my 7th grade year. Yes I also got caught.

4. Making the Pep Squad my 8th grade year. Then quitting b/c it sucked. I was so not a rah rah girl but I hope my daughter makes it if that’s what she’s wants to do.

5. Going to the Country Club swimming pool everyday of the summer. We mostly played ping-pong or lay out. Not really a school memory but it was back during that time. The kids and I have been going to this same pool for years now.

6. Losing my virginity way too early. Something I regret now. Not something I hope my kids do that young.

7. Kathy coming from Texas to live with her dad. Us becoming best friends and never seeing one without the other. We also started smoking and drinking when she came to town. The first night I spent with her, we were late getting home and walked in to her step mom waiting up for us. I got so sick and throw up Strawberry Hill lol. The next morning we got woke up extra early to go to the flea market b/c they weren’t as stupid as we had thought.

8. Hanging out up town on the weekends. Kathy and I would catch a ride with my best guy friend Jon. Just thinking about it takes me back to Sonic lol. It’s funny running into people from those days. One guy from up town now lives in the same area I do and our girls are in the same class.

9. Skipping school way too much my 10th grade year. Leading to me dropping out and getting my GED. Something else I hope my kids don’t want to do.

10. Meeting my high school sweetheart. He was a senior and we have been married almost 13 years.

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I am feeling ok. I still find myself looking for her. The kids are handling it a lot better than I thought they would. They are ready for another dog but I am not. I am not sure where the parvo came from so I need peace of mind that when I get a puppy it won’t get it too.

Ds had his first baseball game of the season last night. They looked really good out there. Sadly they lost 4 –3. The boys were so bummed. I know I am not the coach but I really don’t understand why they would have the first batter that inning to bunt. Every time they tried it we got out. So why do it? It drives me insane!!

I need to run and do some housework and then get ready to run errands in town.

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just thoughts

Why is it we get so attached to an animal? I can’t stop thinking about Sassy. I got her for the kids for Christmas but she ended up being my dog. She would only sit by me and/or had to be in my lap. She was the first to greet me when I would walk through the door. I have found myself looking for her all day. All of her toys are still in the living room still in the bucket where I put them Friday. When I sat down on the couch tonight after putting the kids to bed she wasn’t there waiting for me. I guess in a way she was the baby I would have liked to have but didn’t. Anyway I will stop rambling and go to bed.

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Rest In Peace

My Sassy died in her sleep last night. 😦 She had parvo. She went down very fast.

We love you Sassy. You will be missed dearly.

Sassy 10/20/06-4/16/07

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Well today I did. We have two 5 month old beagles and they got into a fight. I went to grab one by the neck and he clamped onto my hand. I started screaming at dh to get the damn dog to let my hand go. Of course I looked down at my hand and started crying. Dh finally got the dogs apart and came over to look at my hand. We thought I had a piece of skin torn back but then I see it’s a dog tooth!! Dh yanked the tooth out and told me to go wash it good so he could look at it. My hand is swollen and hurts. Stupid dog!

My grandmother is the same. I need to go to bed so if the phone rings I will be somewhat rested.

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Over the past day I have gotten 3 calls from my grandmother’s hospice nurse. My grandmother has become very restless and having a hard time breathing. We are keeping her comfortable. I stayed with her till 5 am this morning so she wouldn’t be alone last night. I wouldn’t want to die alone if I didn’t have too so why should she?! I am going to lay down before I get ready to go back. I will update when I can.

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What a day

Well the Easter Bunny made her rounds last night. She did the baskets then went around hiding eggs. This morning the kids get up and look through baskets then start finding eggs. Which leads to the first fight of the day b/c dd found more than ds. We get that over and get ready for church.

Once at church I see one of the dad’s from school. He walks by and I said “hello (kids name) dad I’m (dd’s name’s) dad” to which he looks weirdly and shakes my hand then runs walks away. Lmao I then think about what I said and turn to my mil wanting to die. I was glad the kids mom picked her up after church.

We came home from church and ate with the in-laws. The kids played for a while with the cousins without fighting. Which is just amazing if you ask me. Then the cousins leave to go home and we came home.

We then go to my mom’s for dinner. Ok my mom decided to hide eggs for them in the house. Not a problem till she says whoever finds the golden egg wins money. Yep I see another fight coming on but not her. DUH mom!! Can you guess who found the golden egg? Of course it was dd. Ds was not a happy camper to be beat by his sister again. He is such a sore loser too. Next year the fight will be between my mom and I if she decides to have a money egg. 😉

I must run. I work in the lunchroom again tomorrow.

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