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I LOVE the summer time. No waking up early to get kids ready for school. No set bedtimes. Staying outside till way past dark. Chasing fireflies. Going to the pool and staying till it closes… if we want too. I just wish the summer was as long as the school year and the school year was as long as the summer.

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He went back to work. Don’t get me wrong I love my dh but he’s been home since the 11th and I am very use to him being gone 4 or 5 days a week working. It’s just good to be back to normal for us. The kids get a little crazy when he’s home.

Our summer started today. Ds is not “official” out till June 1st but I know after the awards ceremony they aren’t doing attendance. It was nice to sleep until we wanted to get up this morning too.

The kids are super excited about the pool opening this weekend. They put in a new slide since last summer and dd can’t wait to go down it. They have a big bbq and lots of games for the kids opening day.

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It’s here…

kindergarten graduation! My bff Susan and I have been out doing last min. things this morning. I got dd a charm for her bracelet, it’s a graduation cap with 2007 on it. I got dd’s bff a best friends necklace and Susan got dd one too. Mine and Susan’s dd’s are also bff. Works out great, I just hope they stay that way for a long time. Well I need to run.

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that’s what my shirt says. 🙂

The concert was awesome!! Sugarland rocked.. they put on a great show. Of course they sang my favorite song “Baby Girl”. Kenny Chesney won the best entertainer award the other night for the 3rd year. His show was hot as he is! 🙂 He has so many songs that I like but I was so happy he sang “She thinks my tractors sexy” and then “There goes my life”. We had a great time and I will go again when he comes back.

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Flip Flop Summer

I finally went to the dr. today to find out why I’m still feeling like crap. It seems that after many years of not having to take meds for IBS the time has come for that to happen. I knew it would come but I was hoping/thinking it would be years from now. I hope it helps if so there will be no complaining from me.

I am SO excited about this Saturday night. I am going to see Kenny Chesney and Sugarland in concert. I have seen Kenny before and he puts on a great show. I am riding with my sil and her dh so sil and I are going to Margaritaville. My dh calls me a cheap date b/c after the 1st one I will have a buzz lol.

I will be sure to let you know how the concert goes. I am going to help out with the graduation stuff in the morning so I must run. Later!

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b/c I ran out of my daily migraine meds. over the weekend. Don’t worry I made a note to self NEVER to do that again. I do feel a little better today after getting it filled late yesterday.

5 more days left till she graduates from kindergarten. 6 more days till he’s a 6th grader. Wow I’m getting old.

Dh has his truck running. It’s been 10 days since the new motor and transmission went into it. He still has a few things left before he can drive it. I am more than ready for him to be done. I don’t like parking outside the garage and it is breaking the bank.

Well the cookies are calling.

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I hope each and every one of my momma friends had a wonderful Mother’s day.

I got to sleep in after the kids brought me their homemade cards. 🙂

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Me here

Hey all it’s the sucker (aka the sub). I was in 5th grade for 3 days last week… the grade my ds is in. I really had fun with them though. Thursday morning at 7:52 I answered the phone and they need me for 1st grade. People school starts at 8:05. I H A T E getting a call that late but I told them I would be there as soon as I could. I was very thankful school was out Friday. I needed a long weekend.

Dd as 7 days left (counting tomorrow) till she graduates kindergarten. It still doesn’t seem possible for her to be that old. She is super excited to be going to 1st grade.

Ds has 9 days left (also counting tomorrow). They really don’t get out till the 31st but I found out grades are turned in the 24th so. He will be the big dawg at school next year and he can’t wait. I can’t believe he will be in jr. high so soon. Damn I am getting old!

The swimming pool we go to opens the 26th and both kids can’t wait. I won’t get into the water till mid June… but I can’t remember when I didn’t care how cold that water was.

Speaking of 7 days… that’s how many more I have of being the sucker. 😉 Ok I need to run and watch Housewives. I finally got DVR.

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I have been working a lot lately. All the teachers are ready for school to be out and are taking days off. Guess what sucker they have been calling… yes that would be little ole me.

Yesterday after work I went up to the nursing home to check on my grandmother. She didn’t look well so I buzzed the nurse. She came in and took her blood pressure, which was HIGH 190/120. Her temp was 101.9. The nurse told me she hadn’t eating much of anything all day. When I called to check on her from work this morning her BP was down to normal.

Last Friday her doctor called me to ask if the family had talked about her not being sent to the hospital. I told him that I had understood when I signed the DNR and hospice papers she wouldn’t leave the nursing home again until she passed away. Hospice would keep her comfortable there and let her go when she was ready. I need to call and double check this info b/c I don’t won’t to prolong anything for her. I know she’s dying and there’s nothing that can stop it so why would we take her to the hospital?!

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a bunch of crap…

With the whole baseball thing going on the rumors have started. Sometimes I can’t stand living in a supper tiny area. It’s all about your last name or being born here. Our last name means nothing and dd has been the only one born here. I think my back is full of knives from all the backstabbing. I have learned that dh was kicked out of the park so that’s why we walked away. You have to wonder why people can’t mind their own business. Ds has had one kid call him a quitter. I went to the teacher on that one. If any of the parents saying this were in our shoes they would have done something too. No parent is going to watch his or her child’s heart break b/c of a dickhead coach. Ds wants to sit out this season and try out for another team next year. I am a little sad and a little glad… sad b/c baseball has been our spring/summer since he was 3 ½ but glad b/c we have a spring/summer free.

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