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First off last night a couple from the church I have been visiting came by. After talking for hours about things I have been going through and questions I needed answered, I decided I was ready to be saved. The last two Sundays I have wanted to walk up when they asked if anybody wanted to give their life to Christ, but like I said I needed answers. I have felt so lost since June 10th and I don’t feel that way now. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

After that the phone rang and a friend of mine was in need. Her babysitter decided she didn’t want to babysit her 3 month old anymore. She asked if I would want to do it, of course I did. I talked to dh about it and I decided to for go it. So today I started babysitting. She wants the baby out of a day care for her first year, so I have to go to the school and tell them I won’t be a sub this year.

I feel blessed that I never had to go through this with my kids. I have been lucky to be at home with them. I will miss subbing but it will be there when I go back. Good friends in need come first. 🙂

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Yep, the concert was awesome. There were some songs that came out around the time dh and I met. I still remember every word to them too. Funny how I can remember words to songs but not remember what I went to the store for. I had a great time, learned how to send text messages and got stopped in my first road block all in the same night lol.

The text message was needed to try to win backstage passes. No, I didn’t win. 😦

The road block was because of the upcoming holiday. Yes, I passed it. 🙂

I think I am going to be asst. coach for dd’s soccer team. No, I haven’t a clue about soccer. Ok I know one team trys to kick it to one end of the field and the other team kicks to the other end of the field. I kinda of got suckered into it when I signed her up Friday. Yes, I walk around with sucker writen on my forehead. 😉 I was told at her age they mostly just run around like little ducks kicking the ball. Let’s hope so or that the coach knows what’s going on.

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I am super excited about the Alan Jackson & Brooks and Dunn concert tonight. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to wear. 😉

I am also glad it’s almost the weekend. I think the kids are getting use to the early mornings. They both still whine a little, but what would life be like without a little whine. 🙂

I am still looking for a female chocolate duchshund. I am hoping to find one close but haven’t gotten that lucky yet. I’m sure the house beagle will be so excited about a new house doggie.

Well I need sleep. I’ll let you know about the concert soon.

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Dd likes 1st grade BUT she asked if she can go back to Ms. Donna’s class. I asked her why and she said because we could talk more lol. Such a girl thing to say. 😉

Ds likes being the top dog. Tonight at dinner he was talking about the newly done bathrooms and he says the urinal’s are very small. I said well just go in the stall. He looked at me like I was crazy and said but the doors are still down so they put paper over the doors and someone could walk in and see me! To which I say Hello son they can see you at the urinal’s too!! 😛

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It’s here and I don’t want it to be… school that is. This whole summer feels like a big blur. I feel a bit cheated of it really. Not that that’s anyone’s fault, death happens. It just seems like I blinked and things happened I wasn’t ready for.

I did find out in Dec. that she was dying, I didn’t really need a doctor to tell me tho. She’d not been herself for a while. 6 months seemed like forever as I watched but then again it seemed like 1 day when the call came. I can’t recall how many times I told her I would be OK when she was ready to go. Was that fair because I am not OK?

The other thing is my kids are growing up way to fast. With everything that happened this last year I feel I have missed some things with them. Is it wrong to want them to slow down and still be little? I’m having a hard time knowing this is ds’s last year of Elem. school.

Maybe my heads clearer now and I can sleep.

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It’s 4:35 am and here I sit. Dh and ds just left on a fishing trip for the day. It never fells when dh has plans to go somewhere this early I always end up wide-awake. Know why? Because, every light in the house gets turned on. Then dh well bump into the bed or drop something in the floor. Now I can set my alarm for this time, get up, take a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth and grab something to drink all without waking a single soul in the house when I go to yard sales. Does anybody know why lol?

Dd and I are going with my aunt, cousin and grandma on a shopping trip. Dd needs shoes for school. We went Tuesday and got all their school supplies… over $100 bucks. Open house is tonight; I have to pay fees for the year there. Then Monday will start the dollaring me to death. It seems that at least once a week they both need money for this or that for school.

It’s been 2 months since my grandmother passed away. It seems much longer some days but just like yesterday most days. I have found that I sleep the bad days away. Then I feel awful for missing the day with my kids. I hope that once school starts I will have a little while before I am needed to sub so I can work through my thoughts some.

Well I need to lay back down until my alarm goes off. Later.

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Yes we have been home a few days but going on vacation is hard work. 😉 It always seems you have to have another one once you are home. We came back a couple of days before we planned and I am just now back to normal (if that can even happen lol).

We had a wonderful time. Dd didn’t care for the ocean. She took a big drink about 5 mins after we got there and decided the pool was much better. Ds loved the ocean… of course he’s a bit taller than some of the waves. We did go crab hunting most nights and she liked that as long as they were in the sand lol.

We (mil, sil and I) went to a huge outlet mall 20 mins from the condos. I got a few things, ds got school shoes, and dh got a watch. We also hit the stores across the street for shirts, keychains, etc. Dd got her hair wrapped (they grab a section and wrap thread around it)… she cant wait to show it off at school. I got a henna tattoo, my mom thought it was real.

One night we went to a go cart place. Sil and I did the sky coaster (a cross between a bungee and swing)… it was AWESOME!! The boys rode go carts, we all did the bumper boats, and the girls rode on the smaller rides.

We ate at Bubba’s Seafood House, Lambert’s and Cracker Barrel. My favorite shirt came from Bubba’s. It says “I got crabs at Bubba’s”. 🙂 We also brought lots of shrimp home.

After the kids went to bed sil and I would sit on the balcony and listen to the waves. I miss the waves the most.

School starts the 20th and I am NOT ready for them to go back. It doesn’t seem like summer is coming to an end. Of course that could be because the freakin temps are now reaching over 100 degrees. It’s just to damn hot for school yet. Makes me wish I had the want to homeschool.

Well the dryer’s yelling at me and CSI:Maimi’s on pause so till tomorrow.

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We are pulling out of the drive at 5:00 AM. 🙂 I am driving so I must get some sleep. I will see you when I get back.

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Some thoughts ;)

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before we pull out of the drive way. I am more than ready. I need some time to relax on the beach and hit the outlets. And the thought of all that seafood… oh my! 🙂

I went yesterday and got my roots done. I am back to beachy blonde. 😉 I am planning on taking some family pictures and I couldn’t have dark roots lol.

Gotta go. I’ll keep you updated until we leave. Not sure how I will go without checking the net for a week. Oh before I forget I am going to see Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn the 24th. 🙂

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