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Tomorrow is my sister in laws 35th Birthday. So I want to wish her a Happy Birthday.

My bff called me a couple of hours ago. Her dh’s nephew was involved in a car wreck and the other driver was killed. He is still just a teenager. I know he’s not critical b/c of the hospital he was taking to but other than that I don’t know how he is. I just sit here and think how his young life was forever changed tonight.

I have other things I want to say but I will share them later.

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Helen has tagged me. So here are eight random facts.

1. I am trying to learn to forgive people from my past. Most of these people have no idea they need forgiveness tho.

2. I H A T E ironing. My mother in law comes over to iron clothes for me. But I have ironed dd’s “puppy’s” dress the last two Sundays for church.

3. I buy In Touch every week. I can’t walk by a new one and not grab it.

4. I am addicted to washing clothes. My dh hates it b/c we are on a septic system and all the water stays in the front yard.

5. I have learned that I don’t mind cooking if we can all sit down together as a family to eat.

6. I like being team mom.

7. When dh is on the road I have to sleep on his pillow or I don’t sleep well.

8. I don’t mind going to the dentist. Most people think I am nuts when I say that.

I am now passing this on to Jen, Danielle, Steph, Patty, Megan, and You. ;P

P.S. I don’t know how to link names. 🙂

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Both kids are in bed and dh left for work. It’s super quiet here, the only thing running is the washer and dryer.

The kids got 4 week reports yesterday. I am SO glad I didn’t let them hold dd back. She is doing super and her teacher told me she was glad I hadn’t held her back too. I felt wonderful about my decision after her telling me that. You know how you sometimes feel you didn’t make a great choice.

Ds is working very hard this year. I know it’s a no no to bribe kids but I did him. If he works his butt off and gets good grades all year he was told he could have a cell phone. To be honest he will have one next year anyway b/c of school sports but he doesn’t have to know that. 😉

Dh and I joined a church Sunday. It’s the church we were married in. His grandma and mom are members. The kids and I have been going Sunday mornings and we are enjoying it. It’s amazing to not feel so lost anymore.

Dd had her 2nd soccer game yesterday. They looked so much better on the field. She has picked it up really quickly.

Monday was 10 years since my grandpa died. I wish the kids could have known him.

I am off here to enjoy the quiet.

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6 years ago

It doesn’t seem that long ago. I can still remember what I was doing that morning. I took ds to school and came home to watch Good Morning America, when the news broke that a plane had crashed into the first tower. At that time everyone thought it was an accident. Then while they were showing that scene another plane came crashing into the second tower. That’s when it was known it wasn’t an accident. I remember calling my friend and telling her to turn on her tv, we watched together as the towers fell. 😦

So today I hope we can all think of or pray for our soldiers, the people lost, their families and each other as we remember 9/11.

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4 months

It doesn’t seem like 4 months. It is getting better tho. Of course I have thought about her much of the day today… more so then normally.

We miss you, Mamaw!

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dollared to death. The school fees were $11.25 and $13.50. My count is 3 t-shirts @ $12.00 a piece. I don’t remember having class shirts every year. This coming week is fall pictures. I also don’t remember having more than a class picture and then one school picture taken. My kids get fall pictures, class pictures, and spring pictures. I know once they are grown I will wish I was still being dollared to death by the school. But right now I am just broke! 😉

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Soccer team mom. 🙂 I was asked (begged) to take the duty of team mom. I have never been a team mom so we will see if I ever take it on again. My first business was to pick the color our shorts would be. Well I went with black b/c no one knows if our shirts are red w/blue writing or blue w/red writing and we get out shirts on game day. I’m also the first to bring drinks, so don’t let me forget.  Oh the last thing I get to do is plan the party and order trophies! I am most excited about picking the trophies. 🙂 Lol it’s still shopping! :p

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