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lol remember that song? I heard it live last night. My step dad got ahold of an extra ticket to Van Halen and I got to go. 😀 David Lee Roth has abs of steel. It was a concert I wasn’t the oldest at. 😉 It took me back to the my childhood, which after a week with a sick kid was wonderful!

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Opinions needed

We are getting ready to buy a new computer. We aren’t sure what kind we want yet. Most likely a Dell or another Gateway. What do you think?

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Well I just got back from the doctor with ds. He has pneumonia. She put him on antibiotics and I am to keep the Motrin going. If he thinks I was taking his temp to much before he’s going to hate me now. >)

We had our taxes done this morning too. In 2 weeks we I will be getting a new computer!!! 😀 Oh and my Rascal Flatts ticket!

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Steph you are right, it’s Rascal Flatts!! 😀

Now for the latest news. Ds came home from school yesterday after lunch with a headache and fever. He seemed fine by night time. Woke him this morning to find him with fever again.

Dd just came home from school. She’s not sick but the whole school had to go home b/c the road’s are getting bad. It’s sleeting here… yeah! NOT!!!

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Feels like today!

Come on guys, I need some guesses. Wake up and guess.

I am finding it hard to post alot b/c our computer monitor is going crazy. It drives me crazy to sit here and watch it. It acts like it’s jumping out at me or I say it’s throwing up. We are waiting for income tax time to buy a brand new computer and I can’t wait. This one is now 10 years, so it’s time.

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Still feels good!

Lol I’m sorry. Did I forget to say who was coming? Oh, I think I will let you guess. 😛

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So excited!!!

I just found out that a group I have been dying to see is coming to Little Rock!! I am going, even if I have to go alone. I missed them last time and I will not miss them again. Now I just have to wait for March to get here.

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