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Opinions needed

Ds has a “girlfriend” now and they have been “going out” for a few months. I told him I would take them skating this Friday night. My bff thinks they are to young. I think since I am staying it’s fine. What do you think?

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Happy 40th Susan!

Susan would be my bff. I went into her classroom yesterday afternoon and hung some over the hill stuff from the ceiling. I made a Happy 40th Birthday sign and hung it in her window. I left her some black roses. I also had her name added to the sign outside of the little store beside the school. Today I baked her a cake and took it to her at lunch. In her card I give her a gift cert. to get her nail done. She said she felt loved. 🙂

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Damn can I get a break here already! Ds hasn’t had a fever in well over 24 hours so I sent him back to school this morning. At noon the nurse called to let me know he was THROWING up! I am waiting on the nurse from our doctors office to call me back.

Summer hurry up!!!!!!!!!

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He has the flu. I have a super red throat but tested – for the flu. I heard they had 35 kids out of elem today. Oh well maybe once we get over the flu we can be well till next school year. Hey a girl can hope, can’t she?! 😉

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The fevers back. Ds and I both are running it this time. Again it’s with a headache. He is coughing up a lung tho. Of course with it being a holiday our dr. is closed today. How many more days till summer again?!

I am going to vent now. I feel like my kids aren’t going to get better as long as there are parents willing to send their kids to school with fevers and such. Why can’t they just keep them home like the rule book says?! It says that you must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. I am very careful of this even when my kid has been home for a week and is driving me insane! Which both have been lately. Thursday at the Valentine party for dd’s class, a mom I know who has kids in both of my kids classes, comes over and says that both her boys had been running fever the night before but they didn’t want to miss their parties so she let them come to school. WTH?! You could look at the little one and clearly see he felt like crap, he wasn’t eating or up walking around. So anyway I am going to get off my high horse here and run.

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out of my dh. I went and bought him a MP3 player and now I have to wait for the computer. He has been hogging it downloading music all day. Every time he got up I would try to sit down and look around then he would come back with another song to look for. Maybe he will get a laptop soon.

Dd’s birthday is about a month away. She wanted a skating party so I booked that today. She wants a Hannah Montana party so I am looking for stuff here and there for that.

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Now dd is running a fever with a headache. She went to the dr. today and she’s out of school for the rest of the week. This is how ds started his sickness. I am ready for the sickness to be gone from my house. I can’t remember if I told you but I had strep last week. The only person that hasn’t been sick is dh.

I am still trying to figure out this computer. Hang with me I will get pictures here soon (I hope)! Dh has burned some cd’s but other than that we haven’t done anything else exciting yet.

We had some really nasty weather here last night. Nights like that make me wish we had put a basement in the house when we built.

So anyway I hear Without a Trace calling me. Night!

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was my Mamaw’s birthday. She would have been 82 years old.  So I wanted to say Happy Birthday and we miss you!

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10 years later…

We went with the Dell. It’s so nice to sit here at a screen that’s not flashing at me. Or freeze up while I am looking at a website. Oh and the printer we got is awesome. I will finally be able to put pictures up here. I feel so cool to be up with the times lol.

Now I just need to get caught up with my house and laundry from having a sick kid and being sick myself. It feels like the laundry has taken over the house. Ok lol it has. Speaking of the washer just stopped.

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