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It’s here! The big field trip day for the 6th graders. We are heading out first thing in the morning. Ds and I are going to hit every roller coaster in the park. 🙂 I am super excited! I hope I can sleep tonight lol. Tomorrow I am just another kid. 😉 I am also looking forward to the drive there. The bff and I haven’t been without kids together since the last field trip. Our drive tomorrow is much longer though so we can chat up a storm!

Fil should be home tomorrow sometime.

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Another update

Fil was moved to a reg. room this afternoon. I talked to him on the phone and he sounds good. He says he already feels better.

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Fil update

He did great. The doctor said his heart was pumping 100%. He came off the vent without a problem. Tomorrow he should be moved out of the CVICU and into a reg. room.

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It’s here.

my father in law has to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning. As soon as I get the kids to school dh and I are heading up there.

The kids have about 20 days left of school. I have to figure out how to tell the friend I babysit for I am done once school’s out. Any thoughts on that one?

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oh my. We had more tornado’s come through the state again today. They are starting to get closer to us now which really freaks me out.

My baby girl is sick again. She started throwing up a few hours ago. 😦 She also has a huge red circle under her right eye from allergies. When I got her back to sleep while ago it was turning blue from the pressure. She looks so pitiful. 

My bff’s mom had a mild heart attack yesterday. She’s in SICU where they are trying to get her blood pressure up. It was 50/45 when she got to the ER yesterday morning. She has an infection they are treating her for also.

Well I should run the “yuck” pile is getting big so I need to run the washer. Later!

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Let’s see things are crazy here.

Last Saturday I woke up with a nasty migraine. I slept most of the day while taking meds for it. Sunday I still was hurting but I was able to get around some. Monday morning I woke up hurting more. I took the kids to school came home and slept. I called my dr. around lunch and got an appointment for 3:30. He gave me 2 shots and another preventive med. to add to what I already take everyday plus when I get a migraine. I have to go back in 4 weeks unless I need to before that.

Fil went to the surgeon Thursday. He goes in the 21st for 2 bypasses. He is scared, I would be too. He is also trying to quit smoking. He’s craving them badly but hasn’t given in.

It’s already April too. Ds goes on his last big field trip the 25th. Not sure which of us is more excited tho. I enjoy their field trips b/c it’s a day for just that child and mom. They have about a month left of school… YIPPEE!!!!

We have had lots of storms here lately. Lots of flooding and tornados the past few weeks. I am hoping for a nice weekend so the kids can ride their bikes while I walk Lady on the road behind the house. We have cabin fever.

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