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Facebook solved my problem. Now once he’s 13 (the age you are to be when joining) I will let him sign up. He didn’t sign himself up for the page. I think a few girls he knows did. Since facebook took care of the problem I will let it drop.

Dd and I went and got her school supplies today. She went with HSM for her lunchbox and backpack. In 19 days they go back. I go back to subbing this year too! Where did summer break go? I wish they still started school after Labor Day like when I was in school.

We picked up College Road Trip today. Very cute family movie. I can see dh being like that one day very soon. 😉 Well I need to sleep.

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Today I came across some info that I am not happy about. Someone has made a page for my ds on Facebook. Call me old fashion but dh and I don’t let the kids us the computer. If it is needed for school we help them with it. The Internet is just to scary for me to let them loose on. Hey it’s my job to keep them safe so call me what you want. 😉

Do any of your kids use Facebook? What age do you let them?

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my thoughts

The more things I hear about Jamie Lynn Spears the more I have wanted to say this. I think it comes from me being a young mother also. Why can she not be left alone? Yes she’s 17, I was 18.

Yes she’s a role model, but aren’t we all? I for one have a younger step sister, a younger half sister, and many young female cousins who watched how I did things. Does that mean they followed in my footsteps? No, because their parents talked to them about life.

I’m not dissing Jamie Lynn for something that happens to young girls everyday. Yes I know many of them aren’t ready to raise a baby but, you know there are many older women who have babies that aren’t ready either. I for one didn’t plan to become a mom at 18 but it happened. Do I regret that it happened… NO!!! I’m betting she doesn’t either. How can you when you look at the beautiful baby you created.

I just wanted to say it’s time to more on and get over it already! So anyway I just needed to vent. Feel free to vent too.

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doctor update

I have found a wonderful doctor. She sat and talked for 45 minutes, getting all of my history. She switched my preventive medicine. I am weining myself off the one I started a month ago. With all the changes I have had she ordered an MRI and a MRA plus an EEG. I need to call and get the physical therapy set up… not regular PT,this is with a hot pack, ultrasound, and deep tissue message. She thinks my daily headaches would get better if my neck wasn’t so tense. I also starting keeping a daily diary till I go back, I have to give my headaches a number of 1 to 5 or a 🙂 for no headaches. I am praying this works.

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Yesterday the kids, hubby and I went to a cookout. It was at the couples house who were here the night dh and I were saved. Some other people from church were there also. The kids swam while we talked. As we were leaving dh was checking his voice mail and some other friends were cooking out and invited us over. I love not having to cook and being with friends just makes it all that much better.

I am starting to get nervous about Tuesday. Not sure why really but I am. The headaches aren’t getting any better. Speaking of ones coming on. Later!

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I go to the Headache Clinic Tuesday the 22nd. I went in to my dr. today and they checked my blood pressure and sent me on my way. I didn’t push the issue b/c I knew I was going next week. Gotta run my heads starting to hurt.

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worst one ever

yesterday was so bad. I had the worst migraine ever. It started around 11 am but just got worse as the minutes went on. I took my meds but nothing happened. I have NEVER hurt like that before. My fil had some pain pills so I took 2 of those and finally around 7 pm I was able to walk. I have only thrown up once before with one of my migraines yesterday was my second.

The past 2 weeks haven’t been that great either. I have either woken up with one or gotten one sometime during the day. Nothing the migraine meds wouldn’t take care of tho. In 7 days I have gone through 12 pills. Before that 12 pill box would last months. I can only get 12 at a time.

I have to report in the my dr. tomorrow on how things are going. I am also going to call a clinic in Little Rock that specialisies in mirgraines. I will keep you updated!

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that’s how i’m feeling right now. Dh, the kids and I went to some friends house tonight. We had a great time. As we were sitting there talking the subject of lasting love came up. I think back to the early years and I would say if ds wouldn’t have came along so soon in our marriage we might have given up. Having him made us want to try harder. I am thankful for our fighting to try because now our marriage is stronger than it ever has been. I think can will make it! 🙂

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I came across Kennedy a few months ago and I thought I would share. Her momma is one awesome woman. Click on the picture and follow along. They are such great family.

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The kids went camping with the grandparents yesterday so dh and I went out and ate last night and today we are going to a cook out. Tomorrow we are going to drive the boat down where they are camping and eat and then play in the boat. We got a tube to pull behind the boat so the kids are going to test it tomorrow. Gotta run.

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