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I can’t believe 12 years ago your daddy and I were about to become parents. You took your time coming into the world but man has the time gone by fast. You were one of the best babies I have ever been around. Never crying, waking only once at night from the beginning. It seems you are getting ready to pay us back for that. 😉 I know you are growing up and going to test the waters but remember we only want the best for you. So keep your head held high and know we are proud of you. Oh and no matter what you will always be my little boy! Love you!!


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I know I seem really happy that school is a day away from being over B U T it also makes me sad. Sad because it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks that next school year I will be the mother of a Jr. high schooler. What happened? It seems I blinked. Where did my sweet little boy go? And where did the smart mouthed tween come from? I don’t remember putting that order in. How can he be turning 12 in 29 days? This last year has gone by so fast. I truly feel I missed lots of it. I just have to try to remember these feelings when the mouth comes to visit… the “your ruining my life”, “I never get to do anything”, or how could I forget “you must hate me”. He has grown a lot but there’s still so much fun left. 😉


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Happy 40th Susan!

Susan would be my bff. I went into her classroom yesterday afternoon and hung some over the hill stuff from the ceiling. I made a Happy 40th Birthday sign and hung it in her window. I left her some black roses. I also had her name added to the sign outside of the little store beside the school. Today I baked her a cake and took it to her at lunch. In her card I give her a gift cert. to get her nail done. She said she felt loved. 🙂

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Since turning 30 life’s been rough. I have had a migraine, heartburn, a tenstion headache and now I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection. If I thought it would help I would poke a hole in my head to let the pressure out.

My mom has my kids for the night so I could rest. I have watched We are Marshall (great movie) and then caught up on Grey’s, CSI : Miami, and ER. I thought I would come here to catch up before returning to the TV.

DD’s soccer is over for the season. They had a team party today. The trophies I picked out were a hit. 🙂 I found some soccer ribbons at the Dollar Tree the other day so they each got one of those too.

Ds starts basketball the 2nd week in November so I get about a week off. This will be his first time to play so we both will learn about basketball.

Well the meds I took are starting to kick in and the screens getting a little blurry. Till next time… 

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yes that’s right I have a whole week for my birthday lol. 😉 Dh says it’s more like a month.

I am so excited about this birthday. Call me crazy but I am looking forward to 30. It seems that I am ready to leave the 20’s behind. Good thing since Saturday’s the big day.

I have been getting things ready for the party. Another friend is turning 30 Thursday so we are combining a party at my house. It’s been fun shopping for all things Thirty. My mother in law and 2 sister in laws are going to decorate while I take dd to a Halloween party. My mom has ordered the cake… a little scary b/c I told her to “surprise” me with it. The party is for adults only.

I got a new camera for my birthday. It was on sale so I already have it. 🙂 While I am off to watch the news.

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Yep, the concert was awesome. There were some songs that came out around the time dh and I met. I still remember every word to them too. Funny how I can remember words to songs but not remember what I went to the store for. I had a great time, learned how to send text messages and got stopped in my first road block all in the same night lol.

The text message was needed to try to win backstage passes. No, I didn’t win. 😦

The road block was because of the upcoming holiday. Yes, I passed it. 🙂

I think I am going to be asst. coach for dd’s soccer team. No, I haven’t a clue about soccer. Ok I know one team trys to kick it to one end of the field and the other team kicks to the other end of the field. I kinda of got suckered into it when I signed her up Friday. Yes, I walk around with sucker writen on my forehead. 😉 I was told at her age they mostly just run around like little ducks kicking the ball. Let’s hope so or that the coach knows what’s going on.

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It’s here and I don’t want it to be… school that is. This whole summer feels like a big blur. I feel a bit cheated of it really. Not that that’s anyone’s fault, death happens. It just seems like I blinked and things happened I wasn’t ready for.

I did find out in Dec. that she was dying, I didn’t really need a doctor to tell me tho. She’d not been herself for a while. 6 months seemed like forever as I watched but then again it seemed like 1 day when the call came. I can’t recall how many times I told her I would be OK when she was ready to go. Was that fair because I am not OK?

The other thing is my kids are growing up way to fast. With everything that happened this last year I feel I have missed some things with them. Is it wrong to want them to slow down and still be little? I’m having a hard time knowing this is ds’s last year of Elem. school.

Maybe my heads clearer now and I can sleep.

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