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I can’t believe 12 years ago your daddy and I were about to become parents. You took your time coming into the world but man has the time gone by fast. You were one of the best babies I have ever been around. Never crying, waking only once at night from the beginning. It seems you are getting ready to pay us back for that. 😉 I know you are growing up and going to test the waters but remember we only want the best for you. So keep your head held high and know we are proud of you. Oh and no matter what you will always be my little boy! Love you!!


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Today was the first time I was able to wear a bra all day long since I fried. It was so bad that it only took 9 days to heal. I did learn to spray down with sunscreen after spraying the kids down tho.

Tuesday was a long day.

Yesterday we had a nice time. My cousin and her 3 girls came to visit at the pool. I haven’t seen them since right before Christmas. They are coming back in 2 weeks. I can’t wait.

Ds and I decided to just do a swimming party. It’s just to freakin hot to do anything else.

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Ideas needed

As you know ds will be turning 12 in 18 days. We are thinking about doing a boy/girl party. What kind of things can we do for this? What kind of invitations do you use? Any themes come to mind? What time would be best? Ok thanks in advance for helping a momma out. I will be waiting on pins and needles. 🙂

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don’t tell ds this but he’s got a cell phone! I can’t wait to see the look on his face. Other than that he’s getting clothes and shoes (nike flip flops and Adidas) from us. The in-laws got him a camo mp3 player. My mom and step dad got him some camo crocs, clothes and a Dale Jr. beach towel. They are also getting him some fishing stuff and a new pole or two.

I started shopping at 10:20 am and finished at 7:00 pm. I so shopped till I dropped. I hope ya’ll are proud. 😉

Dd lost a tooth on the way home tonight. The tooth fairy brought her a cheerleader charm. She still hasn’t made up her mind about pee wee cheerleading… deadlines tomorrow @ 6:00.

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Can you believe it? It’s 7:25 am and I am up and just about ready to walk out the door. But can you guess why? People here that really know me know I LOVE to shop and that’s why I am up this early. Ds is getting ready to turn 12 and I am going to the “big city” an hour away to shop the day away. 🙂

The kids are going to spend the day with mamaw and papaw at the river camping. They don’t like shopping and I am fine with that. I’ll let you know what I find.

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I know I seem really happy that school is a day away from being over B U T it also makes me sad. Sad because it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks that next school year I will be the mother of a Jr. high schooler. What happened? It seems I blinked. Where did my sweet little boy go? And where did the smart mouthed tween come from? I don’t remember putting that order in. How can he be turning 12 in 29 days? This last year has gone by so fast. I truly feel I missed lots of it. I just have to try to remember these feelings when the mouth comes to visit… the “your ruining my life”, “I never get to do anything”, or how could I forget “you must hate me”. He has grown a lot but there’s still so much fun left. 😉


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Sorry I went MIA.

Ds and I had a blast riding all the roller coasters. The newest one goes 150 feet up and twist round and round. It was a perfect day and the rain stayed away till we were walking out the gates.

Fil came home that same day. He’s very sore and swears he’s dying. He thought he would be 100% when he left the hospital. The dr. told him it would be a few months before he felt better.

The end of the year stuff is going on. Wed. dd goes on her field trip to the zoo. She is excited b/c she was a toddler last time we went. Now if the rain will wait this trip out all will be great!

Both the kids have had musical and they both did great. The older ones did High School Musical songs and dances which was fun to watch.

They have 13 more days of school left!!! 😀 We are all super excited about that.

The baby girl I watch turned one last Wed., she’s getting so big.

This coming Sunday I am going to see Carrie Underwood!! 😀 Well I need to go and fold clothes. Later!

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