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I found out today when I go for the MRI and MRA, the 12th @ 10:15. My heads still hurting every day. Still having to take meds to get rid of them.

We have sold 2 puppies so far. One little girl left, I hope she’s gone before the kids get home. Dd is getting a little to close for my comfort.

My bff had 2 dr. appointments in the “big city” an hour away. In between them we did a little shopping. I got ds 2 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts. Since he’s going in the 7th grade with no more recess he wants to start off in jeans… his words not mine. He starts football practice Monday afternoon. Dd already has the shirts she’s wearing the first week back to school all picked out. Lol but she’s not ready to go back yet.

The kids left this morning with the inlaws. They will be home Sunday. This will be the longest they have been gone. Today wasn’t bad but the house sure wasn’t the same when we came in at dark. Dh took a few days off. He went to bed after eating and here I am on the puter. What will we do when the kids grow up and move out?! We are going to do something either tomorrow night or Sat. night. not sure what yet. Well I need to finish laundry and hit the sack.

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Yesterday the kids, hubby and I went to a cookout. It was at the couples house who were here the night dh and I were saved. Some other people from church were there also. The kids swam while we talked. As we were leaving dh was checking his voice mail and some other friends were cooking out and invited us over. I love not having to cook and being with friends just makes it all that much better.

I am starting to get nervous about Tuesday. Not sure why really but I am. The headaches aren’t getting any better. Speaking of ones coming on. Later!

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that’s how i’m feeling right now. Dh, the kids and I went to some friends house tonight. We had a great time. As we were sitting there talking the subject of lasting love came up. I think back to the early years and I would say if ds wouldn’t have came along so soon in our marriage we might have given up. Having him made us want to try harder. I am thankful for our fighting to try because now our marriage is stronger than it ever has been. I think can will make it! 🙂

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I went to the dr. this afternoon. He upped one of my daily meds to see if that will help. I have to go back in two weeks for a check up. I had my bff go with me in case they decided to give me a shot again. My head was killing me but I wanted to try one of my pills first and it worked so I didn’t get the shot but I was glad she went with me anyway. I truly hope this works.

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The zoo has improved 99% since the last trip. The kids got to ride a carousal and a camel. Dd picked out a tiger in the gift shop as a reminder of today. Those are her favorites. 😀 The group we stayed with was such a fun group. We got to see a Rhino pee and a Camel poop. I had the BEST corn dog in years… ok I had 2 and a funnel cake. 

Now we only have 11 more days left in the school year!!!!!!

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It’s here! The big field trip day for the 6th graders. We are heading out first thing in the morning. Ds and I are going to hit every roller coaster in the park. 🙂 I am super excited! I hope I can sleep tonight lol. Tomorrow I am just another kid. 😉 I am also looking forward to the drive there. The bff and I haven’t been without kids together since the last field trip. Our drive tomorrow is much longer though so we can chat up a storm!

Fil should be home tomorrow sometime.

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It’s here.

my father in law has to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning. As soon as I get the kids to school dh and I are heading up there.

The kids have about 20 days left of school. I have to figure out how to tell the friend I babysit for I am done once school’s out. Any thoughts on that one?

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