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I found out today when I go for the MRI and MRA, the 12th @ 10:15. My heads still hurting every day. Still having to take meds to get rid of them.

We have sold 2 puppies so far. One little girl left, I hope she’s gone before the kids get home. Dd is getting a little to close for my comfort.

My bff had 2 dr. appointments in the “big city” an hour away. In between them we did a little shopping. I got ds 2 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts. Since he’s going in the 7th grade with no more recess he wants to start off in jeans… his words not mine. He starts football practice Monday afternoon. Dd already has the shirts she’s wearing the first week back to school all picked out. Lol but she’s not ready to go back yet.

The kids left this morning with the inlaws. They will be home Sunday. This will be the longest they have been gone. Today wasn’t bad but the house sure wasn’t the same when we came in at dark. Dh took a few days off. He went to bed after eating and here I am on the puter. What will we do when the kids grow up and move out?! We are going to do something either tomorrow night or Sat. night. not sure what yet. Well I need to finish laundry and hit the sack.

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It’s official, they are OUT of school for the summer!!! Tomorrow the pool’s open for Memorial Day, so we are going to play games and hang out. It will open again Sat. and be open till Labor Day. 🙂

The kids went camping with the in-laws Friday night. They spent most of the day with my mom and step dad today. So I have not done much of anything this weekend. I did catch up on my DVR and laundry, oh and sleep lol. 😉

Dd is trying to decide if she wants to do Pee Wee Cheerleading. Sign ups are this coming Friday. She can either do cheerleading or gymnastics. Yes we are mean and only let them do one thing at a time. Didn’t you read my letter. 😉

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Sorry I went MIA.

Ds and I had a blast riding all the roller coasters. The newest one goes 150 feet up and twist round and round. It was a perfect day and the rain stayed away till we were walking out the gates.

Fil came home that same day. He’s very sore and swears he’s dying. He thought he would be 100% when he left the hospital. The dr. told him it would be a few months before he felt better.

The end of the year stuff is going on. Wed. dd goes on her field trip to the zoo. She is excited b/c she was a toddler last time we went. Now if the rain will wait this trip out all will be great!

Both the kids have had musical and they both did great. The older ones did High School Musical songs and dances which was fun to watch.

They have 13 more days of school left!!! 😀 We are all super excited about that.

The baby girl I watch turned one last Wed., she’s getting so big.

This coming Sunday I am going to see Carrie Underwood!! 😀 Well I need to go and fold clothes. Later!

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oh my. We had more tornado’s come through the state again today. They are starting to get closer to us now which really freaks me out.

My baby girl is sick again. She started throwing up a few hours ago. 😦 She also has a huge red circle under her right eye from allergies. When I got her back to sleep while ago it was turning blue from the pressure. She looks so pitiful. 

My bff’s mom had a mild heart attack yesterday. She’s in SICU where they are trying to get her blood pressure up. It was 50/45 when she got to the ER yesterday morning. She has an infection they are treating her for also.

Well I should run the “yuck” pile is getting big so I need to run the washer. Later!

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10 years later…

We went with the Dell. It’s so nice to sit here at a screen that’s not flashing at me. Or freeze up while I am looking at a website. Oh and the printer we got is awesome. I will finally be able to put pictures up here. I feel so cool to be up with the times lol.

Now I just need to get caught up with my house and laundry from having a sick kid and being sick myself. It feels like the laundry has taken over the house. Ok lol it has. Speaking of the washer just stopped.

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Friday that is. Thank God too. I am so ready for the weekend. Little bit (the one I am babysitting) hasn’t been easy this week. She has been teething and also started crawling and discovered my Christmas tree today. She was easily distracted from it tho. It takes me back to both my kids first Christmas’s. Ds wasn’t crawling yet but dd was. Ds would get pissy when she went after the tree.  

The kids and I are going to stay the night with my sil tomorrow night. My niece turns 3 Sunday. She’s having a Dora party and she’s very excited. We got her some pj’s and Dora slippers.

I felt like I needed the bad mommy award this morning. Dd’s Santa letter was due at school today. I got it Monday and set it aside to do before today. The week got away from me and I forgot to do it and send it back. Her teacher called this morning to ask about it. She offered to let dd tell her want she wanted to say so I said that was fine. Really I am sad I didn’t get to write it with her. Oh the mommy guilt sucks!

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We left my house at 8:25 am and got back to my house at 9:00 pm. That was the longest we have shopped. I have 4 things left and I am so DONE! 🙂

My mil and I went to a tea party today for our Sunday school class. Everyone brought a tea cup to exchange. We got ours yesterday at Hobby Lobby and they were the hit of the party. The one I got is very pretty.

We went and seen the puppies today. They have their eyes open now. So cute. One of the little girls are very vocal. Still haven’t decided which little girl I want tho.

I am going to finish the laundry and get ready for bed. I am pooped.

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