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I found out today when I go for the MRI and MRA, the 12th @ 10:15. My heads still hurting every day. Still having to take meds to get rid of them.

We have sold 2 puppies so far. One little girl left, I hope she’s gone before the kids get home. Dd is getting a little to close for my comfort.

My bff had 2 dr. appointments in the “big city” an hour away. In between them we did a little shopping. I got ds 2 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts. Since he’s going in the 7th grade with no more recess he wants to start off in jeans… his words not mine. He starts football practice Monday afternoon. Dd already has the shirts she’s wearing the first week back to school all picked out. Lol but she’s not ready to go back yet.

The kids left this morning with the inlaws. They will be home Sunday. This will be the longest they have been gone. Today wasn’t bad but the house sure wasn’t the same when we came in at dark. Dh took a few days off. He went to bed after eating and here I am on the puter. What will we do when the kids grow up and move out?! We are going to do something either tomorrow night or Sat. night. not sure what yet. Well I need to finish laundry and hit the sack.

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I seem to be getting better. Still having headaches every day just not as bad. I got my lab results back and my vit. D is super low, so I get to take a pill for that now. My cholesterol is a bit high, so are my triglycerides… oops!

I am getting sad that school is coming so fast. I’m not ready yet. 14 more days.

The kids and I went to the pool today. Trying to start living better, I swam with them the whole time we were there. When the weathers not so darn hot and humid I am going to start walking again. My mil and I had started walking 2 miles before the heat came. I just wish I would stop craving Rolos already.

I also need to sell 3 female Beagle puppies before I go insane. They are the cutest things ever but us having 9 dogs they need homes fast. When they are gone we will still have 6 dogs, yes I said 6 dogs, no I am not crazy (yet). 😉 I must run and make some flyer’s.

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puppy dogs

She ended up having 7, 4 boys and 3 girls. We have lost 2 boys today tho. 😦 Poor momma dog.

Ladybug came into heat today!! I guess I should be ready for things when I type them out. 😉



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no I am not having more babies. The dog did. She has 3 girls and 3 boys, not sure if she’s done. I got to watch one being born… WOW! How amazing that was.

I am getting excited about Ladybug having babies now. She’s 7 months old now so I have no idea when that will happen but still excited knowing it won’t be much longer. Weenier dogs are the cutest damn things!! Of course Beagles come in second. 😉

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The zoo has improved 99% since the last trip. The kids got to ride a carousal and a camel. Dd picked out a tiger in the gift shop as a reminder of today. Those are her favorites. 😀 The group we stayed with was such a fun group. We got to see a Rhino pee and a Camel poop. I had the BEST corn dog in years… ok I had 2 and a funnel cake. 

Now we only have 11 more days left in the school year!!!!!!

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Let’s see things are crazy here.

Last Saturday I woke up with a nasty migraine. I slept most of the day while taking meds for it. Sunday I still was hurting but I was able to get around some. Monday morning I woke up hurting more. I took the kids to school came home and slept. I called my dr. around lunch and got an appointment for 3:30. He gave me 2 shots and another preventive med. to add to what I already take everyday plus when I get a migraine. I have to go back in 4 weeks unless I need to before that.

Fil went to the surgeon Thursday. He goes in the 21st for 2 bypasses. He is scared, I would be too. He is also trying to quit smoking. He’s craving them badly but hasn’t given in.

It’s already April too. Ds goes on his last big field trip the 25th. Not sure which of us is more excited tho. I enjoy their field trips b/c it’s a day for just that child and mom. They have about a month left of school… YIPPEE!!!!

We have had lots of storms here lately. Lots of flooding and tornados the past few weeks. I am hoping for a nice weekend so the kids can ride their bikes while I walk Lady on the road behind the house. We have cabin fever.

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I can’t believe we are already 8 days into the New Year and this is the first time I am writing.

The kids went back to school yesterday. It was time. Dd was starting to miss it and ds was just needing to go back. 😉 The baby I keep wasn’t so happy yesterday, she’s been with grandma for the last 3 weeks and she was a bit spoiled. She was happy here today though.

The weather so just crazy here right now. The last 2 days we have been in the 70’s. What’s up with that? Today tornados blew through the state. Thankfully we just got heavy rain out here.

Little Lady Bug (aka Lady) wasn’t scared of the storms. Yes, Lady’s the name I came up with. Dh was very hard to please when I was coming up with names. She’s getting better with the house training. Today she went to the door 3 times letting me know she needed out. 🙂 It doesn’t seem like we have had her 3 weeks but Thursday it will be that long. She’s the cutest little thing.

Well I am going to run and watch Cold Case before I go to bed.

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Santa has come and gone. He brought dd a broken toy so now her momma has to drive an hour away to exchange it. He also left momma with many boxes to get rid of and while burning them she got burned.  

Even after all of that we had a wonderful Christmas. The kids got way to much but love it all. Dd got lots of Hannah Montana and Bratz stuff. Ds got lots of camo stuff. He got the Nike’s he’s been eye balling forever.

We finally came up with a name for the new puppy. Dh brought home a 7 month old chocolate lab named Doc, that is sleeping in ds’s room. Why yes that makes 3 house dogs… one beagle, one mini wiener, and one HUGE lab.

Well I am trying to get things back in order around the house. Hope you all have/had a wonderful Christmas.

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Can you help?

We need some help with puppy names. Remember it’s a little girl and she will stay small. Thanks and stay tuned for the name.

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and it will be Christmas. The in-laws are doing Christmas this Sat. then my grandma’s Christmas Eve afternoon and my mom’s is Christmas Eve night. Christmas Day we stay home all day doing whatever the kids want. More likely putting stuff together lol.

The kids have their parties/movies Thursday and then they are out till the 7th. YEAH!!! I am looking forward to them being home.

Friday we are going to pick up our new puppy. We are stuck on names tho. The puppy is a girl, she is a mini dachshund with a brownish/reddish coat.

I picked up a book yesterday called “The Power of a Praying Parent” and I am really enjoying it and learning from it. I finally had to put it down. I am now off to bed.

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