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Now the waiting begins. The kids and I went to Little Rock this morning for my MRI/MRA to be done. Of course they were running behind. Lol I had both kids with me alone so you know nothings going to be on time. When they called me back I prayed “Please let them behave and not kill each other”. After 45 mins in the loud machine I came out and they were both alive and nobody said anything about them. 🙂 So they got a treat… we went to Chuck E Cheese and played. After that we went to a few stores and came home. Once we were home my real kids were returned and they started in at each other. Hey I can live with that… today! 😉

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I found out today when I go for the MRI and MRA, the 12th @ 10:15. My heads still hurting every day. Still having to take meds to get rid of them.

We have sold 2 puppies so far. One little girl left, I hope she’s gone before the kids get home. Dd is getting a little to close for my comfort.

My bff had 2 dr. appointments in the “big city” an hour away. In between them we did a little shopping. I got ds 2 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts. Since he’s going in the 7th grade with no more recess he wants to start off in jeans… his words not mine. He starts football practice Monday afternoon. Dd already has the shirts she’s wearing the first week back to school all picked out. Lol but she’s not ready to go back yet.

The kids left this morning with the inlaws. They will be home Sunday. This will be the longest they have been gone. Today wasn’t bad but the house sure wasn’t the same when we came in at dark. Dh took a few days off. He went to bed after eating and here I am on the puter. What will we do when the kids grow up and move out?! We are going to do something either tomorrow night or Sat. night. not sure what yet. Well I need to finish laundry and hit the sack.

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Facebook solved my problem. Now once he’s 13 (the age you are to be when joining) I will let him sign up. He didn’t sign himself up for the page. I think a few girls he knows did. Since facebook took care of the problem I will let it drop.

Dd and I went and got her school supplies today. She went with HSM for her lunchbox and backpack. In 19 days they go back. I go back to subbing this year too! Where did summer break go? I wish they still started school after Labor Day like when I was in school.

We picked up College Road Trip today. Very cute family movie. I can see dh being like that one day very soon. 😉 Well I need to sleep.

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don’t tell ds this but he’s got a cell phone! I can’t wait to see the look on his face. Other than that he’s getting clothes and shoes (nike flip flops and Adidas) from us. The in-laws got him a camo mp3 player. My mom and step dad got him some camo crocs, clothes and a Dale Jr. beach towel. They are also getting him some fishing stuff and a new pole or two.

I started shopping at 10:20 am and finished at 7:00 pm. I so shopped till I dropped. I hope ya’ll are proud. 😉

Dd lost a tooth on the way home tonight. The tooth fairy brought her a cheerleader charm. She still hasn’t made up her mind about pee wee cheerleading… deadlines tomorrow @ 6:00.

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Can you believe it? It’s 7:25 am and I am up and just about ready to walk out the door. But can you guess why? People here that really know me know I LOVE to shop and that’s why I am up this early. Ds is getting ready to turn 12 and I am going to the “big city” an hour away to shop the day away. 🙂

The kids are going to spend the day with mamaw and papaw at the river camping. They don’t like shopping and I am fine with that. I’ll let you know what I find.

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Well I just got back from the doctor with ds. He has pneumonia. She put him on antibiotics and I am to keep the Motrin going. If he thinks I was taking his temp to much before he’s going to hate me now. >)

We had our taxes done this morning too. In 2 weeks we I will be getting a new computer!!! 😀 Oh and my Rascal Flatts ticket!

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Santa has come and gone. He brought dd a broken toy so now her momma has to drive an hour away to exchange it. He also left momma with many boxes to get rid of and while burning them she got burned.  

Even after all of that we had a wonderful Christmas. The kids got way to much but love it all. Dd got lots of Hannah Montana and Bratz stuff. Ds got lots of camo stuff. He got the Nike’s he’s been eye balling forever.

We finally came up with a name for the new puppy. Dh brought home a 7 month old chocolate lab named Doc, that is sleeping in ds’s room. Why yes that makes 3 house dogs… one beagle, one mini wiener, and one HUGE lab.

Well I am trying to get things back in order around the house. Hope you all have/had a wonderful Christmas.

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