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I am sick of being sick already. It took about 16 days for me to get over the first round. Then I wake up yesterday morning with a freaking sore throat, fever and a headache. What’s up with that?

Knock on wood the kids are doing ok. Dd does have her allergies in full swing. Ds has been staying in the woods. It’s deer season and he loves hunting. He decided against playing basketball… which I am not sad about. He will play baseball in the spring and dd will play soccer again.

It’s so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in 11 days. Where has this year gone too? When I was a kid the year always seemed sooooo long but now it flies by. Christmas will be here and gone before we know it.

Speaking of Christmas I found ds sneaking around in the attic today. The attic is where most of my stuff is hiding. I will have to find a new hiding spot now. I have a few more things to pick up for the kids and my niece, nephew and in laws and I will be done.

I must run and put the sheets on the bed so dd and I can go to sleep. The kids are out of school tomorrow so dd and I have been watching movies and tv together. Ds is gone to the deer woods and dh is at work. Night.


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Since turning 30 life’s been rough. I have had a migraine, heartburn, a tenstion headache and now I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection. If I thought it would help I would poke a hole in my head to let the pressure out.

My mom has my kids for the night so I could rest. I have watched We are Marshall (great movie) and then caught up on Grey’s, CSI : Miami, and ER. I thought I would come here to catch up before returning to the TV.

DD’s soccer is over for the season. They had a team party today. The trophies I picked out were a hit. 🙂 I found some soccer ribbons at the Dollar Tree the other day so they each got one of those too.

Ds starts basketball the 2nd week in November so I get about a week off. This will be his first time to play so we both will learn about basketball.

Well the meds I took are starting to kick in and the screens getting a little blurry. Till next time… 

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Helen has tagged me. So here are eight random facts.

1. I am trying to learn to forgive people from my past. Most of these people have no idea they need forgiveness tho.

2. I H A T E ironing. My mother in law comes over to iron clothes for me. But I have ironed dd’s “puppy’s” dress the last two Sundays for church.

3. I buy In Touch every week. I can’t walk by a new one and not grab it.

4. I am addicted to washing clothes. My dh hates it b/c we are on a septic system and all the water stays in the front yard.

5. I have learned that I don’t mind cooking if we can all sit down together as a family to eat.

6. I like being team mom.

7. When dh is on the road I have to sleep on his pillow or I don’t sleep well.

8. I don’t mind going to the dentist. Most people think I am nuts when I say that.

I am now passing this on to Jen, Danielle, Steph, Patty, Megan, and You. ;P

P.S. I don’t know how to link names. 🙂

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Both kids are in bed and dh left for work. It’s super quiet here, the only thing running is the washer and dryer.

The kids got 4 week reports yesterday. I am SO glad I didn’t let them hold dd back. She is doing super and her teacher told me she was glad I hadn’t held her back too. I felt wonderful about my decision after her telling me that. You know how you sometimes feel you didn’t make a great choice.

Ds is working very hard this year. I know it’s a no no to bribe kids but I did him. If he works his butt off and gets good grades all year he was told he could have a cell phone. To be honest he will have one next year anyway b/c of school sports but he doesn’t have to know that. 😉

Dh and I joined a church Sunday. It’s the church we were married in. His grandma and mom are members. The kids and I have been going Sunday mornings and we are enjoying it. It’s amazing to not feel so lost anymore.

Dd had her 2nd soccer game yesterday. They looked so much better on the field. She has picked it up really quickly.

Monday was 10 years since my grandpa died. I wish the kids could have known him.

I am off here to enjoy the quiet.

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Soccer team mom. 🙂 I was asked (begged) to take the duty of team mom. I have never been a team mom so we will see if I ever take it on again. My first business was to pick the color our shorts would be. Well I went with black b/c no one knows if our shirts are red w/blue writing or blue w/red writing and we get out shirts on game day. I’m also the first to bring drinks, so don’t let me forget.  Oh the last thing I get to do is plan the party and order trophies! I am most excited about picking the trophies. 🙂 Lol it’s still shopping! :p

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Yep, the concert was awesome. There were some songs that came out around the time dh and I met. I still remember every word to them too. Funny how I can remember words to songs but not remember what I went to the store for. I had a great time, learned how to send text messages and got stopped in my first road block all in the same night lol.

The text message was needed to try to win backstage passes. No, I didn’t win. 😦

The road block was because of the upcoming holiday. Yes, I passed it. 🙂

I think I am going to be asst. coach for dd’s soccer team. No, I haven’t a clue about soccer. Ok I know one team trys to kick it to one end of the field and the other team kicks to the other end of the field. I kinda of got suckered into it when I signed her up Friday. Yes, I walk around with sucker writen on my forehead. 😉 I was told at her age they mostly just run around like little ducks kicking the ball. Let’s hope so or that the coach knows what’s going on.

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