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Yep, the concert was awesome. There were some songs that came out around the time dh and I met. I still remember every word to them too. Funny how I can remember words to songs but not remember what I went to the store for. I had a great time, learned how to send text messages and got stopped in my first road block all in the same night lol.

The text message was needed to try to win backstage passes. No, I didn’t win. 😦

The road block was because of the upcoming holiday. Yes, I passed it. 🙂

I think I am going to be asst. coach for dd’s soccer team. No, I haven’t a clue about soccer. Ok I know one team trys to kick it to one end of the field and the other team kicks to the other end of the field. I kinda of got suckered into it when I signed her up Friday. Yes, I walk around with sucker writen on my forehead. 😉 I was told at her age they mostly just run around like little ducks kicking the ball. Let’s hope so or that the coach knows what’s going on.


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