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11 years ago..

I had dropped my baby boy off at school, his first year! My baby girl was a day shy of being 6 months old. As always I came back home and turned on Good Morning America. I got comfortable and just stared at the TV… I remember Charlie Gibson’s voice and him talking about an accident. I called my neighbor and woke her up and we watched as that 2nd plane crash into the 2nd tower. I remember crying for the unknown. I can’t even begin to think how the people that were in the tower felt. It felt horrible being in a little town in Arkansas, like things would never be the same. My neighbor and I stayed on the phone a while that morning… we didn’t do a lot of talking, mostly just watching and crying. I’ve never been so glad to have my son home from school, my husband home from work and our little family all under one roof. In the days after 9/11 I have never been more proud to be an American.. God bless our Country!!!

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The kids went camping with the grandparents yesterday so dh and I went out and ate last night and today we are going to a cook out. Tomorrow we are going to drive the boat down where they are camping and eat and then play in the boat. We got a tube to pull behind the boat so the kids are going to test it tomorrow. Gotta run.

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Our house in the snow


 Yes it does snow in Arkansas!

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So Very Sad.

An Arkansas family is grieving after a drowning just outside Monticello. It’s the result of an unlikely A-T-V accident at the Monticello Speedway. Last night, two year-old Faith Reed died after the four-wheeler she was seated on suddenly accelerated throwing the toddler into a 12-foot deep water reservoir. The child and her mother, Elizabeth Reed of Rison, were passengers on the ATV. The girl’s brother was driving the vehicle, but had apparently gotten off before the accident occurred. Nearly 30 people at the raceway tried to pull baby Faith from the reservoir. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

I am in such shock. Elizabeth is a the Special Ed. teacher for the High School and the brother is a 6th grader were I sub and my kids go to school.

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Hello world!

Just wanted to say Hello and I hope you enjoying reading. I am new to this so be kind. 😉

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